hockeystix Innovation App

Discover The Best Innovation Management Tool (Part 1)

Are you a Corporate Innovator? Would you like to structure your innovation process? Track ideas and initiatives in a specialized tool? Pitch innovation results to managers?

Then we might just have the tool you were looking for. 

Introducing the hockeystix 🏑 Innovation Management Web Tool, crafted with innovation professionals in mind.

Discover everything you need to build real life business models out of loose ideas.

Did you know? 95% of corporate innovations fail. Why? Because they work on untested ideas and have no structure in their initiatives. hockeystix 🏑 is on a mission to fix that – FREE of charge!

Whats inside this Innovation App?

✔️ An Ideation Backlog

✔️ Prioritization of ideas

✔️ Detailed statistics on your innovation progress

✔️ Specialized KPIs and forecasts on ideas

✔️ Designated place for customer experiments

✔️ A management view

✔️ An entire innovation process

…and so much more!


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hockeystix Innovation App