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Develop, evaluate and compare ideas
- incl. management view and innovation process!

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Innovation Management Tool

No more black box - transparency and speed in your innovation process!

hockeystix Innovation App

Projects and ideas at a glance

Ideation Backlog

Collect ideas and sort them by their goal: transform your business with new ideas, sustain existing business models and leverage efficiencies!

Track experiments

Conduct customer experiments, link the results and record the key findings!


Evaluate and compare ideas in your innovation process with specialized innovation KPIs!

The Users

Who is hockeystix for?

Innovation needs visionary doers, but also commitment from management.

Hockeystix Innovatoren


Create and manage ideas in your innovation process, add customer experiments, link to results and set innovation KPIs.

Hockeystix Manager


View all innovation projects, compare ideas based on customer proof and become a sponsor of innovation projects you believe in.

Innovation Pipeline

An assembly line for innovation projects

Use innovation KPIs and revenue forecasts to decide: do ideas go to the next stage or should they fail quickly?


Quick Check

2 weeks or less - get an approximate feel for the idea and its market environment!


Customer Analysis

Research customer jobs and pain points of your target groups - find the right USP!



Build a first prototype and test your product on real customers - fake it 'till you make it!


Market Launch

Prepare the launch, create required processes and file the edges to perfection!

Reasons to start now

Why use hockeystix🏑?​

Understand the value of your ideas with evidence-based projects!

Innovation without
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Unknown innovation risk

Dependence on individuals

Decisions based on job titles

Innovation with
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Well-understood innovation risk

Independence due to structures

Decisions based on market feedback

Ready for structured innovation?

All-in-one innovation tool for innovators and their managers.

hockeystix Innovation App